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Meet Joel


Joel A. Santos      |      Attorney At Law 

          In 2018, the State Bar of Nevada allowed attorneys statewide to attempt to become a specialist/expert in the complex field of worker's compensation.  The State Bar of Nevada set a difficult list of requirements for an attorney to become a worker's compensation expert.

          Having successfully practiced worker’s compensation for over 25 years, Attorney Joel A. Santos was one of only a few attorneys in Nevada who applied in 2018.  Attorney Santos was successful in meeting all of the requirements.  He passed the difficult written test held in Carson City, Nevada.  He then moved on to the oral test held in Reno, Nevada.  He was quized by persons in Reno and Las Vegas who were selected by the State Bar to test his knowledge of worker's compensation and industrial injuries.  He successfully passed his oral exam.  Having meet all of his requirements and successfully  passing both tests, the State Bar of Nevada through the Nevada Justice Association declared Attorney Joel A. Santos a specialist/expert in the field of Nevada worker’s compensation.

          Attorney Santos takes great pride in his law practice.  He personally meets with every client and he personally handles all levels of litigation for each of his clients.  He believes that if you hire an attorney, then you should meet with the attorney and deal with the attorney all throughout the time the attorney is representing the client.


Attorney Santos is admitted to practice law in the following Courts:
United States Supreme Court
United States District Court
Federal Courts
Nevada Supreme Court
Nevada Court of Appeals
Nevada District Courts
Nevada Department of Administration
          Appeals Office, Carson City and Las Vegas
          Hearings Office - Carson City and Las Vegas

          In addition to his law practice, Attorney Santos is a boxing referee for USA Boxing.  He has refereed, officiated and assisted at countless events, from local events to the 2016 United States Road To Rio Olympic tryouts.

          Mr. Santos also enjoys acting.  He can be seen in many motion picture films, including Kingpin, Mafia, Diamonds, The Cooler, The Last Don, Smokin' Aces, Body and Soul, Magnolia, Unbeatable Harold, El Cortez, and more.

Attorney Santos is a member of the following organizations:

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