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If you need legal representation, then you deserve to have an attorney who is certified as an Expert or Specialist

fighting in your corner.

Find your expert in 3 easy steps.

Step 1.  Click on the state where your legal case is located:

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Injured at work?  |  Car accident?  |  Family law battle?  |  Estate planning?

Many legal problems.  We have the right solution for you!

Some states have recognized the need for select attorneys with a high degree of knowledge and experience in a particular area of law to apply to the State Bar to be recognized as an Expert or Specialist.

To help you in your selection of an attorney, we have gathered a select number of these attorneys who are certified experts or specialists to help you with your legal issue.

Experts/Specialists Have:

  • High degree of knowledge 

  • High degree of skill 

  • Complete knowledge of the law 

  • Successfully passed a written and/or oral test overseen by the State Bar.


You need to have surgery. Would you have a general practice family doctor perform the delicate surgery, or would you want it done right and seek out a spine surgeon who is a specialist to perform the surgery? 

You get the point! 

You can hire any attorney, but you should consider hiring a certified expert/specialist. These attorney are dedicated and have demonstrated a high degree of knowledge and competence in the area of law that they are certified under. Look at all of the requirements that the expert/specialist had to go through just to have the designation as an expert/specialist.

Are All Attorneys Experts?

Only a small percentage of all attorneys are certified experts. Some attorneys falsely advertise that they are experts or specialize in a certain areas of law. This is unfortunate, because the client thinks that they are hiring a real expert with superior knowledge of the law, but they are not. In these cases, the very foundation of the attorney/client relationship is built on a lie. Don’t be a victim of their false claims.


In states that actually allow attorneys to advertise that they are experts or specialists, the attorney must apply to the State Bar and meet all of the strict requirements and take a test(s) in order to even be considered an expert/specialist. For example, in Nevada, only around 1% of all licensed attorneys have successfully been designated as experts/specialists.


In order for an attorney to be listed on this website, the attorney MUST be certified by the State Bar as an expert/specialist. This means that each attorney on this website has successfully passed all requirements of the State Bar to become one of the select few to be named as an expert/specialist.

A True Story

"I was contacted by a gentleman on a Nevada worker's compensation case.  He said that an attorney (who is not an expert) told him that he did not have a case.  He asked me to review his case.  After my review, I told the gentleman that he actually did have a case and I showed him where there was a Nevada Supreme Court case that supported his issue.  With a lot of hard work, I was able to obtain a settlement for the gentleman for over $700,000.00."  


- Certified Expert Joel A. Santos, Esq., of Nevada.

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